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The following is a suggested list of personal gear to bring if you
are going to Ride with us on a long rides, camping out at night:

Please keep gear as light as possible!

A wide brimmed hat and scarf for sun protection.
Riding clothes, several layers to be put on and peel off, depending on the weather.
(Trousers, long sleeve shirt, T shirt, warm sweater).
Riding gloves.
Jacket to give protection against wind and rain.
Footwear that is safe for riding (trekking shoes will do).
A full change of clothes.
Socks (bring spare socks in case the ones you are wearing get wet).
Warm sweater for the evenings, which can be cold.
Lightweight rain coat or rain poncho and rain pants.
An extra pair of light casual shoes.
Light towel and wash cloth.


Chaps or half chaps, optional.
Sun block cream and lip balm.
Minimal toiletries (soap, shampoo, etc.)
Camera and spare films and camera batteries.
Pocket Knife.
Small torch and spare batteries.
Sun glasses.
Your medicines.


Saddle bags.
Sleeping bag – You are welcome to bring your own.
Light sleeping mat- self inflating mats are insulating and a lot more comfortable.
All necessary camping gear.

There is no possible shopping during the rides, so don’t count on being able to supplement your packing in this way.
Also, we sometimes get people asking if they can recharge their digital cameras, etc... generally this is not possible, so you need to bring enough batteries, film, etc. For the duration. Naturally you can charge your appliances before and after the rides at the base house. The voltage is 220 vol.

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