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The Experience

San Martín de los Andes, Patagonia...February 5th, 2005 

We are pleased to announce that the Second Endurance Race in Patagonia, International took place on Saturday, February 5th, 2005, in San Martin de los Andes, Argentina.  

It was a very special day for everyone! 

For many local participants this was their first venture in Endurance Racing and all the horses running were local, both riders and vets were surprised at how well they ran and specially the good recovery time.

Horses from other areas came to participate for the first time at mountain areas, and they did really good!

We had many spontaneous helpers who gave the vets and organizing team a hand and also prepared a “mate” to share in the quiet moments. Their work was much appreciated and helped ensure the better quality of the race.

The day was filled with enthusiasm and new friendships, the competition was exciting to watch and the running times were surprisingly good!


At 160KM -2 days-, won Nicolas Murgic with “Señorita Cher”, followed by Miguel Pavlovsky on “Señorita Melow”.

 The winner of the 80 km category was Enrique Angout on "Hindu".  Runner up, Gustavo Belmar on "Permiso".

In the  40 km category the winner was Amanda Van den Heede on "Marcelo”. In second place arrived Florencia Quiroga on “Chapuzón”.  


The highly coveted Best Condition Trophy for in the 160 km category was won by "Señorita Melow", ridden by Miguel Pavlovsky.
At 80 km category  it was won by "Permiso" ridden by Gustavo Belmar.-

.Many of the local riders finished the race without problem, proving the excellence of the horses, their capacity and ability to learn a new discipline. 
We are also proud to mention the first Young competitors: Noelia & Fausto Sanchez, and Marco Pavlovsky. They were the first young riders to participate in Patagonia, congratulations!

Two visitors from the United States-Saundra and Peter Franklin, came especially to Argentina, more specifically Patagonia, to participate in the Endurance Race! All of us and their horses are still missing them at Patagonia!

We enjoyed meeting them and sharing this experience.

 Our sincere thanks to the Federación Ecuestre Argentina, Regimiento 4 de Caballería-San Martín de los And, for their support; to Neuquentur and Active Argentina, without whom this event might not have been possible, for their invaluable help and our sponsors Horshow, Mustad Argentina, Anz& Horse and Agropecuaria Cordillerana, in between others..

And to all those who have helped us make this event possible: THANK YOU! We hope to keep on improving our service, and we expect you to come next year!


The Experience First National Endurance Riders The Experience
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First National Endurance Riders The Experience