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Anibal J.Quiroga Moss

When he was twenty years old, Aníbal Quiroga, established himself definitely in the stud “El Bonete”, in the province of Santa Fe. He went there to continue with the work of horse breeding which had been started by his grandfather, Jacinto Moss.

It was not long before he made some friends in Venado Tuerto. Some polo player friends- its difficult to find people of other kind in Venado-, invited him to join the Games whenever there was somebody missing.

By that time, 1968, Aníbal had no saddle – he had never had one -, nor polo ponies – his grandfather used to breed “pur sang” and trotting horses. He used to show up then with his criollo horses – with short tails – and played all the game on a broad saddle. He´s been carrying along his nick name ever since. Nobody has ever again remembered that his Identity Card says Aníbal Javier Quiroga Moss. He has been “Gaucho Quiroga” ever since. For ever.
But that wasn´t the only thing that Venado Tuerto left on the Gaucho.

He also took from it his passion for polo, his incontrolled love for horses. Since those
games with his friends, Quiroga settled everything for the breeding of polo ponies.
By Gustavo Fillol Day, Polo Magazine.